Jeep Rental For partner agencies

Traveling with us means first and foremost being able to experience the best of Mongolia without having to think about learning how to drive in new terrain or dealing with the unexpected. Skilled mechanics enter most of our expeditions and check the vehicles on a regular basis. Mongolian dirt roads can be difficult to navigate. Once in the wild, there are few road signs and terrains can be drastically different. One day you may be traveling through the desert, navigating through pothole-filled gravel paths, traversing sand dunes, navigating through rocky gorges so narrow that your outside mirror is nearly hitting the cliff wall, and the next day you may be traversing a flooded river or passing through high mountains covered in snow, and so on… You will have full freedom of movement and direction choice when immersed in Mongolian nomadic culture.

Offroad 4×4 Mongolia has been involved in the tourism industry since 2002. We’ve arranged logistical support for our partner travel agencies as well as a host of extreme expeditions over the years. We arrange transfers, book hotels and train tickets, plan meals and lodging in the countryside, and provide guides, drivers, and mechanics, among other services. 

We arrange group and individual tours in all of Mongolia’s activities in addition to self-driving expeditions. Jeep tours, trekking, horseback riding, camel riding, festival tours, canoeing, fishing, paragliding, kite buggy, and other activities are available.

We also work with partners from all over the world, including G Adventures in Canada, Mevo Reizen, Sovyet Reizen, Blini Reizen, Saffraan Reizen, Mango Travel, Overland Travel in the Netherlands, Tucan Travel in the United Kingdom, Fly & Bike, Off Track in Belgium, Il Tropico Del Camper, Ténéré Viaggi in Italy, Sud Raids Adventure in France, Migola Travel in Vietnam, Nomadic Road in India, Hill Mount Tours in Taiwan, Jungle Travel in Serbia, Logos Tour in Poland, Megatest Tour In Russia, Alpine Tour in South Korea, Alexander Trek in Bulgaria etc.

We hosted ultra-marathon runner Ray Zahab, who ran 2000 kilometers across the Gobi Desert, Brian Cunningham and his team, who crossed Mongolia on kite buggies from west to east, the Pittarak team from Canada, who did self-supporting kite buggy adventures, and adventurer, speaker, award-winning photographer, filmmaker, author, and presenter Ryan Pyle, who appeared on BBC’s Extreme Trek as well as Cloe Burles, who at 23 years old, was the youngest Briton to cross the Gobi Desert on foot, covering 1,600 km in order to raise money for Water Aid, a charity that helps millions of people every year by improving access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

We are a group of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about what we do. We also ensure that our company benefits local markets, people, and nomads by using locally owned lodging, hiring locals, eating and drinking in local pubs, cafes, and restaurants, and sourcing food from locally owned shops. By doing so, we not only help local businesses, but we also link our visitors with Mongolians and provide a clear, truthful look into their lives.

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