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Vehicle rental at 4X4 Mongolia

The vehicles we offer for rental

4X4 Mongolia owns and operates a fleet of 5 Land Cruisers. More Land Cruisers are available if you want to travel in a very large group requiring more than 5 land Cruisers.

We have Land Cruisers 70, 80 and 100

Although we have many demands for Russian UAZ jeeps and mini vans for self driving, we don't offer those vehicles because they are not reliable.

We can however help you to buy a new UAZ, register it in Mongolia and resell it after your trip. New UAZ are more reliable than used ones.

We offer 3 vehicle rental options

  • Land Cruiser with driver (with or without fuel included). This is by far the cheapest option. No deposit is asked.
  • Land Cruiser rental for self driving with a technician on board. This is mostly required of your group rents out more then one vehicle. We will ask for a deposit, but the rental price will be cheaper than vehicle rental without technician.
  • Land Cruiser rental for self driving without a technician. This will be the case if you only rent a single Land Cruiser. For this expensiver option, a deposit will also be asked. Traveling with a single jeep only is unauthorized in some very remote desert areas. In case you are stuck, it might be your end.

Traveling with a single jeep only is unauthorized in some very remote desert areas. In case you get stuck, it might be teh last time you were stuck.


Our Land cruisers are only insured for break downs or for damage you could cause to our vehicles. There is a franchise of 3000 USD for every vehicle. At additional cost you can have third party insurance.


We will ask a deposit of 3000 USD for every single vehicle rented out. Deposits will be returned in cash before you leave the country.


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