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Specialist in Mongolian Selfdrive Safaris

Many of our clients are becoming progressively confident to visit Mongolia and drive themselves around in a hire vehicle. A self drive holiday offers the freedom and flexibility to explore areas at ones own comfortable pace, visiting areas which are of specific interest to each traveler, and discovering hidden treasures making for memorable experiences which you don’t find in a guide book.

Hitting the open trails of Mongolia, on a self driving holiday can be a great adventure. Under your own steam a self-drive holiday in Mongolia becomes a journey of discovery.

There are few experiences to match the thrill of waking up in your own private camp, with not a soul for miles around you, in some of the most sensational locations in the world.

4x4 Mongolia organizes private, tailor-made, self drive safaris throughout Mongolia. This unique style of safari allows for a level of adventure that is simply not catered for by traditional companies.

We give you the chance to go off and explore the wilds of Mongolia whilst maintaining a high level of security and back-up on the ground.

It could be the heart of the Gobi Desert of South Mongolia, the Great Lakes Depressions and Altai Mountains with its snow capped peaks of West Mongolia or the magnificent Mongolian Bleu Perl Lake and its rolling hills of central and north Mongolia.

Wherever you choose to go, we will provide you with the means to experience the very best that this staggeringly beautiful country has to offer.




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