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A custom created tour doesn't cost any more than 'off the shelf tours' and you get exactly what you want.

A tour that can include - wildlife, nature, culture, history, sightseeing, bathing, sport, adventure or just a little bit of everything and for “peace of mind” – all Selfdrivesa inbound tours are BONDED through SATSA offering you greater security and protection.

After each delightful day of your Mongolia vacation a warm and friendly welcome will be waiting for you at your superior accommodation which we will have carefully arranged for you.

All of our tour chauffeurs are experienced and approved driver/tour guides - you could not be in better hands while you are touring Mongolia !

All of our touring Mongolia packages and Mongolia Vacations can be extended or shortened to suit your exact arrival and departure dates to and from Mongolia .

All the tours are conducted in English, and if you compare these tours - “apple to apple”, with any other tour packages, you will find that these are the best value for money tours available.

Although you are on a self drive tour package, you are not alone, if you have any difficulties you can call us at our offices and one of our Tour Mongolia support staff will assist you.

Asia Driving Tours

Comprehensive packages include map/guide books, driving instructions, cell phone and 24-hour help.

Driving is an ideal way to see the "real" Asia at its best.

During your entire tour, we are only a phone call away to help you with your travel plans or in case of an emergency.

Enjoy the freedom of the open road and the unexpected! The Self-Drive itineraries are created to offer you the benefit of our knowledge on these destinations.

For a truly memorable Irish vacation ask about a Private Chauffeured Tour of Mongolia .

From must-see sights to secret hideaways, popular resorts to hidden gems off the beaten track, you are sure to experience the unique charm and character of Asia at its very best.

In comparison to a guided bus tour, a self-drive tour offers you the opportunity to visit the sites and attractions that interest you most and to decide for yourself how much time you would like to invest there.

In our information packet we make more suggestions on what to see and do than you could possibly realize in the time you have available.

It is important to note that all self drive tours can be customized to suit your requirements.

It is so varied you'll want to explore all of its treasures.

It's the country with everything you dream about-beautiful, dramatic landscapes, stunning beaches, colorful cities with superb restaurants and shops, friendly people and a great climate.

Live your dream Mongolia vacation and tour Mongolia 's winding roads and leafy lanes on one of our splendid self drive tours.

Make 2011 your Year in Mongolia with one of our wonderful Self Drive Tours and Vacations

New Zealand Driving Tours

Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive offering of self drive vacations and tours of Mongolia .

Reasons to tour South Africa.

So many of our clients comment after travelling with us that “they don’t feel they had been caught up in a tourist trap”.

Surprisingly different and easy to navigate by car, New Zealand is a land where you can climb volcanoes, be dwarfed by glaciers, bathe in hot springs, trek through lush native forests and taste sumptuous food made from the freshest of local produce.

The following examples represent just a small selection of the Mongolia tours that we have to offer.

The most important aspect of a tour to South Africa or Southern Africa is the planning and it is therefore pretty handy to have someone like us on your team, that has the experience, expertise and knowledge of the region.

The New Zealand self drive touring experts, Fine Tours New Zealand custom creates every single tour.

The self drive or FIT (Flexible Individual Travel) tour option is one of the most cost-effective ways to tour this fascinating region of Southern Africa.

These tours / safaris are very popular for singles, couples, family or friends travelling, who don’t mind travelling with other people from all parts of the world in a small group of between 6 and 12 people.

They include places of interest and must-sees for your vacation, as well as plenty of options for sightseeing.

This is done intentionally to give you the choice without wasting precious time searching for the things that interest you.

Tour South Africa and the region at your own pace with a large degree of flexibility.

Touring Mongolia has never been this simple with our Self Drive Tours of Mongolia that offer superb service and back up at the best possible prices.

We can provide chauffeur-driven luxury cars for one, two or three persons and luxury mini-buses or coaches for larger tour groups.

We have created more than forty Self Drive Mongolia Tours that take in all areas of Mongolia and, new for 2011, we have added a number of specialist driving tours of Mongolia , including the Gourmet Tour of Mongolia , the 3 Centre Tour of Mongolia & the Irish Pub & Folk Tour in order to cater to all of your vacation tastes.

We suggest you combine a trip together with Asia .

Whatever you are planning for your self-drive vacation, we're happy to share our expert knowledge with you.

When planning an itinerary it is always important to cover certain highlights / attractions of a country, but what is unique about our tours / safaris is that most of the travelling takes place “off the beaten track”.

Whether you want an adventure or an escape, tranquility or excitement, New Zealand has it all.

You can be sure that your accommodations for each night have been arranged in advance and that they will be up to the high standards you expect.

You can choose the type of car for hire, the standard of the accommodation, the time of the year to visit, the duration of your self drive tour, which regions and most importantly, you can select a tour itinerary that fulfills your personal interests.

You will travel in style on your self drive tour in one of our modern cars from our extensive fleet, all of which have car insurance, unlimited mileage and 24 hour roadside assistance.

Welcome to the lands of infinite Mystique and unparalleled charm - Mongolia.